Aulus Cornelius Cossus (Consul 428 BC)

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Aulus Cornelius Cossus was a Roman senator in the 5th century BC. Chr.

He was 437 BC BC military tribune and 428 BC Chr. Consul . Cossus became famous because he killed the Etruscan king Lars Tolumnius in a duel during the war against Veii . He brought the armor he captured as spolia opima to Iuppiter Feretrius . After Romulus, Cornelius Cossus was the second Roman to consecrate a spolia opima . In 426 Cossus was again a military tribune. Around 430 to 420 BC. He was Pontifex Maximus . It is unclear whether Cossus is a historical or mythological figure and the year of the event and the office of Cossus were disputed even in ancient times. The story gained importance especially in the Augustan period.


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