Lars Tolumnius

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Lars Tolumnius , also Tolumnus († around 428 BC), was a king of the Etruscan city ​​of Veji .

At the time of Tolumnius, the then still small Roman Empire and the nearby city-state of Veji had long been in a feud. When the Fidenaten , actually allies of Rome, fell away and drove out the Roman occupation, a major war began. At the instigation of Tolumnius, the Fidenates murdered the Roman ambassadors in their city and submitted to the Vejern. The murder of his envoy prompted Rome to march against Veii.

Tolumnius was born in 428 BC. Killed in a duel with the Roman consul Aulus Cornelius Cossus . Tolumnius' armor was consecrated as spolia opima to the god Iuppiter Feretrius . Veji and finally all of Etruria were occupied by the Romans in the further course of the fighting and finally became part of the Roman Republic .