Shutter release (photography)

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Trigger on two different 35mm cameras

A trigger is a device on a camera , film or video camera that starts the exposure of a picture . Usually the shutter release is a button on the top right of the camera. It can be triggered mechanically , electrically or (rarely) pneumatically .

In addition to this main function, triggers often have additional tasks:

  • In some older mechanical cameras with a central shutter, the shutter is cocked at the same time as the release process
  • in mechanical cameras usually a fine thread is in a release button cable release appropriate to avoid vibrations;
  • With almost all electronically controlled cameras, exposure metering , focusing and image stabilization are activated by touching or lightly pressing the shutter release button
  • For cameras with a measured value memory for exposure and focus, lightly pressing the shutter release causes these values ​​to be retained and thus enables the image section to be changed afterwards
  • Some cameras offer a connection or mounting option for a remote release , but many modern compact cameras lack this important connection and it seems to be reserved only for so-called professional cameras.

Motorized cameras and most digital cameras are also capable of taking multiple bursts with just one actuation .

With a self-timer you can release the exposure with a delay; With modern cameras with menu control, 2, 10 and 20 seconds can usually be selected for the time sequence .