Ayres LM200 Loadmaster

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Ayres LM200 Loadmaster
Type: Transport plane
Design country:

United StatesUnited States United States


Ayres Corporation



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The Ayres LM200 Loadmaster was a cargo and multipurpose aircraft produced by the US manufacturer Ayres Corporation from Albany in the US state of Georgia . It was designed as a shoulder - wing aircraft with a six-blade Hamilton-Sundstrand propeller driven by a gas turbine at the bow of the aircraft. A pressurized cabin was not provided.


The Ayres LM200 Loadmaster was largely developed for the needs of small package carriers in November 1996. The 54.5 m³ cargo hold can, for example, accommodate four standard containers ( Unit Load Devices LD3) from the main customer FedEx . The aircraft has been designed to be technically simple and robust and therefore only has a fixed landing gear .

Production was planned in Dothan in the US state of Alabama and in cooperation with the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET - Aircraft Industries in the Czech city ​​of Kunovice .

The project was discontinued before the aircraft's maiden flight in 2001 due to a lack of funds.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 21.03 m
  • Wingspan : 19.50 m
  • Height: 6.85 m
  • Wing area : 42.13 m²
  • 1 × LHTEC-T800 -4T engine with 2,400 hp in the bow
  • Empty weight: 4,082 kg
  • Max. Takeoff weight: 8,618 kg
  • Max. Speed : 363 km / h
  • Cruising speed : 306 km / h
  • Rate of climb (max. Takeoff weight): 9.5 m / s
  • Max. Range : 2,075 km
  • Range with max. Payload: 1205 km
  • 1–2 man crew
  • Up to 34 passengers or 3,400 kg payload

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