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Commercially available pastry brush
Modern pastry brush; the front part made of heat-resistant silicone is removable

A pastry brush , roasting brush or kitchen brush (also cake brush , cake brush ) is a kitchen tool in the form of a specially designed brush that is used primarily for baking and roasting . Since it can be exposed to high temperatures and also comes into direct contact with food, it must be heat-resistant and must not shed. It is available in various shapes and materials in stores. Traditionally, it is made of natural bristles by means of a ferrule made of metal on a handle (food grade) Buchholz are attached. In the meantime, however, there are also specimens with bristles made of heat-resistant plastic ( silicone ) and / or a handle made of plastic or metal. As a rule, it is designed with flat and wide brush hair and also flat and wide handle; But there are also round or oval-shaped brush hairs for the plastic specimens and round-shaped handles.

A baking brush is used to coat a baking pan or baking sheet with a release agent (oil or fat) so that the pastries can be separated more easily after baking , or you can brush the dough itself with a liquid (butter, water, oil, beaten eggs, jus) etc.) to change the taste and appearance. A bread that is moistened in this way shortly before baking becomes browner and shinier due to the increased caramelization of the crust. In the bakery , instead of baking brushes, large, soft brushes ( chants ) are used, with which the bread can be coated more quickly.

In addition, baking , roasting or kitchen brushes are used to apply a liquid (butter, oil, gravy, gravy, etc.) or a pasty mass (marinade) to foods such as roasted and grilled items, etc. and oven dishes before, during or after preparation , Glaze, etc.) and thereby change the taste and appearance.

Specially designed grill brushes are used when grilling . They have an extra long handle that prevents burns on a grill or over an open hearth.

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