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As biscuits are in everyday language baked products from dough referred to on a griddle or in a form in the oven to be baked or fried in fat. Bakers and confectioners refer to these pastries as fine pastries in contrast to what are known as small pastries made from bread dough ( rolls and pretzels ). In Austria , “pastries” usually refer to small baked goods (also for individual pieces); In Germany, pastry in the narrower term often describes rather sweet baked goods such as cookies, cakes, Danish pastries, etc. Ä.

Use of terms

A rough distinction is made between salty and sweet pastries. Among the savory pastries include snacks like pretzel sticks , cheese biscuits and other savory snacks . Quiches and tartes (French), Wähen (Swiss) or pies (English) are common terms for "baked snacks ", but they do not belong to pastries in the narrower sense. Other cultures also have many variants in this area.

Sweet pastries are, for example, cakes , flans (Swiss); Danish pastries , cookies or biscuits . Many pastries can be made both as sweet and salty pastries with almost the same preparation, for example pies (English) or tartes (French), muffins or some types of biscuits. Formed pastries are a special form .


Flat biscuits or cookies are usually baked on the baking sheet. Cake is made in a round, cylindrical or rectangular shape or “pushed free” such as B. Yeast wreaths. " Donuts " or " Berlin pancakes " are known as fried foods . A baking rule: the larger and thicker the baked goods, the more important it is that the oven is preheated to the required temperature or that it is a few degrees hotter for a short time (around 5–7 minutes) so that a crust forms.

Classic pastries are cakes , pies , biscuits and other confectionery shops , where the essential ingredients are flour, sugar and fat. Eggs are used in numerous recipes. Ingredients that give the baked goods their characteristic taste are e.g. B. vanilla , cocoa , nuts, raisins .


Pastries can also be differentiated according to the basic dough. Yeast dough (called yeast dough in Austria), shortcrust pastry and puff pastry are used in both salty and sweet baked goods. For sweet pastries, other types of dough are often used, such as batter, biscuit, Danish pastry or gingerbread dough , bread and rolls are often made from sourdough .

Baking powder , deer horn salt or yeast are used as raising agents , there are other raising agents in industry . Some types of dough can do without it, others require a long processing time in which the dough has to be kneaded vigorously over and over again so that the glue in the flour unfolds. This can be done by hand or by machine.

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