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German biscuits, baked goods

Baked goods is the generic term for foods with cereals or cereal products as the main ingredient that are baked . They are usually made by bakeries or pastry shops . They are roughly divided into the groups of bread , small baked goods and fine baked goods and, as a special subgroup, long-life baked goods that have a lower moisture content.


  • Bread is a traditional food that is baked from a dough made from ground grain ( flour ), water , a raising agent and usually other ingredients. It is one of the staple foods .
  • Small baked goods is the collective name for small baked goods made from bread dough that weigh a maximum of 250 grams. The dough can be prepared differently than the classic bread dough. The term definitions can be found in the guiding principles for bread and biscuits . Typical examples of small baked goods are rolls and pretzels ( pretzels , pretzels , pretzel sticks ).
  • Dauerbackwaren are mostly "Biscuits", which for a long time durable are. They differentiate themselves from bread and biscuits in that they contain less moisture.
  • Fine baked goods are baked goods that contain at least 10 parts fat and / or sugar based on 90 parts of ground cereal products (flour, starch) and thus differ from bread and small baked goods. Pastries include waffles , cakes and pies , as well as long-life baked goods if they meet the requirements.
  • Dietetic baked goods are foods that are intended for a particular nutritional purpose. A distinction is made between: low-protein, low-sodium, gluten-free and diabetic baked goods.
  • Organic baked goods are baked goods that must be produced in accordance with the provisions of the EC organic regulation .


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