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Glazing , glazing , glazing or napping is a post-processing process in food production following the preparation of food . In Swiss cuisine and others it is counted among the basic types of preparation . Glazing is a loan word from the French glacer , from the Latin glaciare , "to make ice, to curdle". Product-related, regionally and historically different terms are used for the process. It is used to improve the appearance and protect the products. When glazing, a liquid is applied with a brush, which solidifies after cooling.

As masking ( fr. Masquer ) refers to the glazing of cold dishes with Sülz- or Chaudfroid sauces . These are applied when warm and solidify when they cool due to the aspic content . The use of colored chaud frozen sauces for showpieces at cold buffets is typical . Also are often meat extract , foam bread , creams or jellies used.

As outshine or coating the glazing is vegetables with fat , broth or browned sugar called, with pouring or coating again the glazing of sweets, cakes and pastries with glazes based on sugar and cocoa .

In addition to manual orders, glazing machines are also used in the commercial sector .