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A preparation is a process or product in which a product is created according to a cooking recipe or a recipe from certain basic materials using a given process . The result of such a process is also called “preparation”.

Chemistry and medicine

In chemistry , especially with regard to chemical regulations , “preparations” are mixtures , mixtures or solutions consisting of two or more substances . Preparations are intentional and based on a recipe . Incidentally contained impurities etc. are not taken into account, unless the impurities require a hazardous substance labeling under chemical law . Under chemical law, a distinction is made between “preparations” of substances (new and old substances), polymers and products .

The components of the preparation remain relatively unchanged (mixtures, solutions, mixtures, etc.) and / or are based on chemical reactions which can completely change the properties of the preparation (of the product , preparation , etc.) in relation to the starting materials.

Hazardous substance law

The term “preparation” was used in the original version of the REACH regulation . In the CLP regulation , however, the term “ mixture ” is used, which was then adopted in the REACH regulation at the end of 2008.


In the food industry and in the food trade , raw products (meat, vegetables, spices, etc.) are prepared according to a fixed recipe. The ingredients used must be specified in the list of ingredients (declaration).

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