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A product or product in the field of technology is a good that is manufactured using technical means. Depending on whether it is piece goods , bulk goods or flowable goods , a distinction is made between the products of manufacturing technology and process engineering . In plastics engineering or food technology , the two areas merge.

manufacturing engineering

In the area of ​​manufacturing technology, it is general cargo. According to DIN 6789 , these are self-contained, functional objects (e.g. machines, devices) consisting of a number of groups and / or parts as final production results.

process technology

Process engineering products are bulk or flowing material. For example, it can be building materials or chemical products such as fertilizers. They are generated by mechanical , thermal, chemical , electrochemical or biological processes.

Stages of production

The primary production of agricultural and forestry products, for example, or mining in mining is also done with technical means.

With a view to the production chain in the course of manufacture, the product structure , product classification and production planning for end products are also spoken of. In contrast to the end product , products that are not yet functional in the production process are called intermediate products . In production engineering and metallurgical engineering , one speaks of semifinished or semi-finished product : This is an item between raw material and finished product that has to go through further production stages.


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