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A station part (abbreviated in Germany: Bft ) is a part of a train station. A number of larger stations are subdivided into station sections, which can be separated by intermediate signals.

The division of train stations into train station sections for freight and passenger traffic is widespread. For example, the Fulda station consists of the station parts Fulda Gbf and Fulda Pbf . Signal boxes or stopping points in the area of ​​larger train stations can also be parts of stations.

It is also possible to convert train stations into train station sections. So are z. For example, the railway stations Dresden Hauptbahnhof and Dresden-Neustadt no longer have independent stations since the renovation of the Dresden railway junction with a connection to an electronic signal box . They are part of the new Dresden train station together with a few other operating locations. The tracks between the former train stations are no longer a free stretch , but have become station tracks.

Under certain circumstances, regional and S-Bahn stations can also be part of the station. For example are

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