Rail sports

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Railway sport is a special form of motorcycle sport . According to the FIM, the tracks must be flat and oval, i.e. That is, they consist of two straight lines and two semicircles and there are no climbs on the route. However, there may be a camber in the curves as long as it rises constantly from the inner to the outer radius and is not steeper than 10%. The motorcycles have no brakes and only one, sometimes two gears . Most of the tracks can be found in specially designed stadiums. In the Speedway Individual World Championship , however, a temporary track will be laid in football stadiums for some Grand Prix .


Length of the routes

length Width of the straight line Width of the curves
Speedway 260-425 m 10 m 14 m
Ice speedway 260-425 m 10 m 11 m
track grass runway
426-1,300 m 12 m 15 m