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Bananenflanke is the second part of the autobiography of the Swiss rock musician and music producer Chris von Rohr . The autobiographical work with the subtitle "New stories from the rock jungle" deals with Rohrs' life from his beginnings as a radio presenter around 1991 to the release of Trybguet , an album by the Swiss dialect band Patent Ochsner , in 2003. Von Rohr does not follow this seamlessly the first part of his autobiography, Dogs, you want to rock forever , even if the first chapter is about the painful experiences after he was kicked out of the hard rock band Krokus in 1983. During the time described in the book, the author continued to enjoy great success, especially as the producer of the Swiss hard rock band Gotthard . The band received several platinum awards for their albums in Switzerland. In addition, von Rohr experienced great personal happiness with the birth of his daughter Nilou in 2001.


Chris von Rohr begins the second part of his autobiography with the painful experiences and the emotional low point that he had to grapple with immediately after separating from Krokus , around Christmas 1983. With the second chapter, von Rohr then made a leap in time of around ten years. He first tells of a radio interview on DRS 3 (now SRF 3 ), which is remembered in Switzerland because the talk show Focus had to be canceled after about 40 minutes and von Rohr after meeting the presenter Ueli Schmelzer with a Had thrown stacks of paper, left the studio in anger. He also reports on his own radio show Volles Rohr , which he added to the program shortly afterwards on Radio24 . B. Steven Tyler , Alice Cooper , Jon Bon Jovi or Ted Nugent .

From the third chapter on, the author devotes himself to the phase as a producer and mentor for the Gotthard band . He initially describes u. a. the first impression he had of the musicians, how he came to this job as the engine of the Ticino rock band, why the band was less pleased with their first gold award and how they mastered the performance at the gala for Udo Jürgens' 60th birthday. He also outlines the collaboration between the band and the Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé and, ultimately, the divergence between the band (Gotthard) and mentor (Chris von Rohr) that was revealed with the live acoustic album D-Frosted . Despite the associated larger sales figures, this could no longer be stopped due to the musical differences and the joint work ended just as abruptly as in 1983 during Rohr's time with Krokus - albeit significantly less painful for the author. Von Rohr saw the band in semi-acoustic, calmer sound robes stronger, but the band wanted to continue to follow the harder, rockier pace. Between the experiences and experiences with and around Gotthard, von Rohr grants the reader - like in the predecessor Dogs You Want to Rock Forever - insights into his relationships with women. He chats about an unusual meeting with Udo Jürgens, about chaotic song recordings for and with the American blues musician Willy DeVille , about his very special relationship with football and the Beatles' white album and, last but not least, about the special moments first as nascent and finally as being father.

In the last real chapter, von Rohr tells of the recordings with the dialect band Patent Ochsner , which he also accompanied as a producer. The album Trybguet , which arose from this collaboration, reached number 1 in the Swiss album charts, as did many Gotthard albums with von Rohr as producer. The last pages of the 270-page book contain both chronological and thematically independent diary entries by the author.

Creation and publication

The process of making Banana Flank is much shorter than that of the first part, Dogs you want to rock forever . While the last-mentioned work developed over several years towards completeness - von Rohr began writing the first part in the mid-80s, but did not publish it until 1991 - the second part of his autobiography was again created without the help of a ghostwriter in a relatively short time, namely in less than a year. It took the author about 1,800 man hours to complete the sequel to his autobiography, Banana Flank , which was published in 2003. The second edition of the book is now available in stores. In terms of content, it is noticeable in comparison to its predecessor that von Rohr proceeds less chronologically and focuses more on experiences, experiences and people that are important for him and his life story. The numerous illustrations in the work come from Büne Huber , the front man of the band Patent Ochsner .

Bananenflanke has so far only appeared as a paperback and not as a hardback edition.


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