Bark psychosis

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Bark psychosis
General information
Genre (s) Post rock
founding 1986, 2004
resolution 1994
Founding members
Graham Sutton
Bass , samples, percussion
John Ling
Current occupation
Guitar, vocals, piano
Graham Sutton
former members
Drums , percussion
Mark Simnett
Piano, keyboard
Daniel Gish
Sue Page
Rashied Garrison

Bark Psychosis are a rock band from London .


It was founded in 1986 and dissolved again in the mid-1990s. The reasons for the breakup are usually the band's commercial unsuccessfulness and the often lacking interest of the live audience. In 2004, however, a studio album with new material was surprisingly released for many, although it was mainly created by only one of the original members, Graham Sutton .

Their first single, All Different Things , was released in 1989, the first album (and the only one with original line-up), Hex , 1994. This is little known, but is seen by some critics as a milestone in recent rock history . The album /// Codename: Dustsucker , released in 2004, is musically linked to the earlier work, but differs from it both in expression and in the musical means chosen.

Graham Sutton also walked solo in the drum and bass area in the late 1990s . In 1997 he released the album Balance of the Force on Regal Recordings under the pseudonym Boymerang , but also made a name for himself as a remixer or producer of tracks on labels such as Prototype Recordings before returning to his musical origins.


Bark Psychosis are typical representatives of post-rock . The band integrated the element of silence into their music without giving up the rock category entirely. The music gains a kind of spatiality , so that at times the impression arises that the music “lies” in front of the listener like a carpet (in contrast to the more vertical “Wall of Sound” ). As instruments, Bark Psychosis use both conventional rock instruments and electronics .



  • Graham Sutton (vocals, guitar, piano, Hammond organ, samples, programming, etc.)
  • Daniel Gish (keyboards, piano, Hammond organ)
  • Mark Simnett (drums, percussion)
  • John Ling (bass guitar, percussion, sampling, programming)

and various guest musicians

on the 2004 album /// code name: Dustsucker

  • Graham Sutton and various guest musicians, a. a. Mark Simnet (from BP) and Lee Harris from Talk Talk


Singles and EPs

  • Clawhammer (1988)
  • All Different Things (1989)
  • Nothing Feels (1990)
  • Manman (1991)
  • Scum (1992)
  • Hexcerpt (1994) (Promo)
  • A Street Scene (1994)
  • Blue EP (1994)
  • The Black Meat (2004)
  • 400 Winters EP (2005)


  • Hex (1994)
  • /// Code name: Dustsucker (2004)


  • Game Over (1997)
  • Independency (1998)
  • Replay (2004)