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basis wien is an Austrian research and documentation center for modern and contemporary art based in Vienna .

Archives and Library

The collection items of the archive and the library are publications on contemporary visual arts in book form and periodicals as well as gray literature and ephemera of various origins - i.e. secondary materials that are generated in the course of cultural activities and provide a wide range of background information. These physical objects serve as the source material for most of the content of the art and research database Angewandte / basis wien. This is used to generate continuously updated information on people, exhibitions and institutions.


Currently, data on 66,855 people, 13,856 institutions, 46,976 events (projects, exhibitions and other events) and 61,981 objects are stored. The complex interlinking of all data creates a picture of the production context and background of the Austrian art business since 1945.

Basis wien is involved in the projects Vektor - European Art Archives , a cooperation between various archives and exhibition houses founded in 1999, and European Art Net (EAN), which, under the direction of basis wien, is dedicated to scientific methods of collecting and indexing materials on contemporary art, involved.


The basis for the documentation center of basis wien is the archive, which was created by Lioba Reddeker in 1997 during her function as federal curator. Artists, curators and critics were invited to deposit documentation of their work in the archive of basis wien . In addition, continuous media monitoring of current art in and from Austria was started and the importance of the Internet for the archive was recognized: The first version of the basis wien database went online in 1999. After the public funding was largely ended, Reddeker won Red Bull as a cooperation partner in 2005 and curated exhibitions with young artists from European Union countries in Hangar-7 in Salzburg with basis wien until 2011 , thus ensuring the survival of the Archives. Since public funding was discontinued in 2013, basis wien could now face closure.

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