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The conditions of carriage are an essential part of a contract of carriage with a public or semi-public carrier . Most of the time, the conditions of carriage are part of the general terms and conditions .

In Germany there is also the Ordinance on the General Conditions of Carriage for tram and trolleybus traffic as well as regular vehicle traffic (BedBefV) , which defines conditions of carriage for these modes of transport within the scope of the Passenger Transport Act ( PBefG ), unless other special conditions of carriage explicitly apply (§ 39 PBefG). The transport companies can therefore introduce their own conditions, the so-called "Special Conditions of Carriage". They must be approved by the licensing authority before they are introduced (Section 11 PBefG).

In detail, the conditions of carriage regulate:

  • Passenger rights and obligations
  • Rights and obligations of the transport company
  • Distribution and validity of tickets
  • Fare refund
  • Bringing things and animals
  • Lost property
  • Liability etc.

The conditions of carriage are supplemented by separate tariff provisions . They apply together.

The conditions of carriage are determined either by the transport company or the mode of transport , e.g. B. Transport association established.

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