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The textbook on experimental physics by Ludwig Bergmann and Clemens Schaefer is one of the classics of German-language physical textbook literature. In terms of conception and scope, it is somewhere between a textbook and a manual. The first edition of the multi-volume work appeared between 1943 and 1955, since then the volumes have been reissued under changing editors and numerous co-authors and the series has been supplemented by new volumes. It is published by Walter de Gruyter .

By 1955 the first three volumes on mechanics, acoustics and thermodynamics (volume 1, first 1943), electromagnetism (volume 2, first 1950) and optics and atomic physics (volume 3 in two parts, first 1955) were published. Since 1970, a revision has been made by Heinrich Gobrecht , who expanded the series in 1975 with the fourth volume, Structure of Matter . Volume 3 Optics has been published since the 9th edition in 1993 by Heinz Niedig with contributions from several authors. In 1992, Wilhelm Raith brought out a comprehensively restructured and written edition of the contents of Volume 4 in three volumes, from Volume 4 to 6 together with around 35 authors. In 1994 the 7th volume Earth and Space was published , which was re-edited in 1997 in two volumes Earth and Planets and Stars and Space . Raith also revised volumes 1 and 2 in the following period.


Discontinued volumes as divided:

  • Volume 4: Structure of the matter , first edition: 1975, 1992 divided into new volumes 4 to 6
  • Volume 7: Earth and Space , first edition: 1994, 1997 divided into new volumes 7 and 8

Individual evidence

  1. ^ Book review by Walter Greiner , Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main , in the Physik Journal .

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