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Physics Journal

description Scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise physics
language German
publishing company Wiley-VCH Verlag ( Germany )
First edition 1943
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief May Palatinate
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ZDB 2065530-7

The Physik Journal (until 2001 Physikalische Blätter ) is the membership magazine and the official communication organ of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V. (DPG). It appears monthly with eleven issues a year (double issue August / September). In the Physics Journal, DPG members report on current developments and findings in all research areas in physics and related fields of science. To be published u. a. Overview articles (“Overview”), current reports from physical research (“Focus”), science and education policy news, book and software reviews, event information and a job market. With a circulation of over 62,000 copies, the Physik Journal is the largest German-language physics journal. The Physik Journal is published by the DPG together with the publishing house Wiley-VCH .


The Physik Journal was founded in 1943 under the name Physikalische Blätter . The second year was not published until 1946 under the name "Neue Physikalische Blätter". The founder and long-time editor (until 1972) was Ernst Brüche . From 1968 the magazine was canceled by higher orders in the GDR at the academy institutes (personal copies of DPG members disappeared in the mail every now and then) and basically no longer lent. From the 1970s onwards, there were almost no more articles from the GDR (one exception was an essay by Ernst Schmutzer in 1973 and by Manfred von Ardenne in 1982).

A critical essay on Albert Einstein by Albrecht Unsöld in the November 1980 edition, which was widely criticized, led to repercussions in the editorial team in conflict with the editors ( Horst Rollnik et al.). The long-time editor Karl Kromphardt (editor from 1973 to 1981) had to leave. That coincided with the transition to large format in 1980, and since then the cover has been kept blue.

The editor-in-chief (from 1982 to 1998) Ernst Dreisigacker and his successor Stefan Jorda each received the medal for scientific journalism from the DPG.


Physik-Verlag moved from Mosbach to Weinheim in 1972, but the magazine was still printed in Mosbach. In the early 1980s, the editorial team moved from Bad Honnef to the publishing house in Weinheim.


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