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The reporter is the committee member responsible for processing according to the internal business allocation of a committee.


In the area of justice , the Rapporteur of the internal allocation of saying the body of a case responsible for dealing with judges . If the legal dispute is decided by a single judge (for example at the local court or, under certain conditions, at the regional court or the higher regional court ), there is naturally no reporter.

The main task of the reporter is to prepare the deliberation and decision of the panel, for example the chamber (at the regional court) or the senate (at the higher regional court) . As a rule, he writes a vote on this. This typically begins with a brief description of the facts, divided into indisputable and disputed facts. It follows a legal assessment, also appears from that which contested facts are relevant to the decision and which therefore still prove to be charged. The vote ends with a proposal for a decision. On the basis of the vote, the chairman conducts the oral hearing, and on the basis of the vote the members of the panel discuss how to proceed and the decision. The vote does not bind the other members of the Chamber or Senate involved in the decision. After the panel has made a judgment , it is up to the reporter to prepare the written justification.

In addition, the reporter usually also oversees the proceedings in daily court work. For example, he handles correspondence with the parties, engages experts or gives the parties legal advice. So-called procedural orders, such as scheduling the oral hearing, summoning witnesses or setting a deadline, must generally be made by the chairman. If the chairman and rapporteur are not identical, these rulings can be prepared by the rapporteur.

Which judge of a panel becomes the rapporteur in a proceeding depends on the internal division of business of the panel. For example, there is the option of determining responsibility using the initial letters of the parties involved in the procedure or the final number of the file number. A corresponding regulation in the internal business distribution plan of a chamber consisting of three judges ("departmental officers") then reads, for example: "Department officer 2 is responsible for all proceedings in which the last digit of the serial number of the file number falls on a 1, 3 or 9." He is then responsible for procedure 2 O 133/05, for example, but not for procedure 2 O 134/05.


Also in the parliaments of the after is the Rules of Procedure responsible (lead) MPs within the respective Committee or for the group called for a specific political topic (eg renewable energy) like that.

European Parliament

Rapporteur (European Parliament)

In the European Union, a rapporteur is appointed by the European Parliament to examine a draft law and, at the end, to submit a report to Parliament. In general, the rapporteur is supported by so-called shadow rapporteurs from the other political groups in the European Parliament . Rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs are part of the legislative process in the European Union.

German Bundestag

In the German Bundestag , reporters are an element of the division of labor in committees. The rapporteurs of the political groups are experts who are responsible for specific political issues in their working groups and who, in the committees, generally express their views on behalf of their group when relevant proposals are discussed.

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