Bernhard II of Lebus

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Bernhard was Bishop of Lebus in the 12th or 13th century.

In the necrology of the St. Vinzenz monastery near Breslau , two bishops Bernhard von Lebus were commemorated in the 13th century, one on October 4th, the other on December 4th. Since no dates have been noted, the dates of the two are uncertain. One must be Bishop Bernhard (I?) , Who was mentioned in 1133 (?) And 1147. No further historical information has been obtained about a second Bishop Bernhard.

Polish historical research considers a term of office between 1156 (death of Stephen I ) and 1180 (mention of Bishop Gaudentius ) possible, as this is the longest period for which there is no information about a Lubusz bishop. Other life dates are also possible.


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predecessor Office successor
Stephan I. Bishop of Lebus
1156? –Before 1180