List of the bishops of Lebus

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Coat of arms of the Lebus diocese based on Johann Siebmacher's coat of arms book from 1605

The list of the bishops of Lebus contains the bishops of Lebus from 1133 to 1598 with their seat in Lebus , Göritz , Breslau and Fürstenwalde .

Lebus (1124-1276)

No documents have been issued in Lebus since 1244. The bishops often stayed in Breslau or on other monasteries

Göritz (1290-1325)

From 1276 the cathedral monastery began to move to Göritz east of the Oder. Bishops only recorded documents there in 1290 and 1308.

Exile (1326-1354)

In 1326 the canons left Göritz and lived in different places

Lebus (1354-1373)

Since 1354 a bishopric has been rebuilt in Lebus.

In 1373 the monastery buildings in Lebus were destroyed, the bishop resided elsewhere.

Fürstenwalde (1385–1598)

In 1385 the inauguration of the new cathedral in Fürstenwalde took place and with it the final move.


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