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Stephan II of Lebus († February 24, 1345 in Breslau , Kingdom of Poland ) was Bishop of Lebus from 1317 . In 1343 he was the representative of the Bishop of Breslau .


First official activity in the Diocese of Lebus (1316-1320)

Stephan was mentioned in 1308 as canon of Lebus and was then cathedral dean . The seat of the diocese was in Göritz at that time .

After the death of Bishop Friedrich after 1313, the cathedral chapter could not agree on a new bishop, some pleaded for Stephan, others for the Breslau cantor Nikolaus . The cathedral chapter of the Archdiocese of Gniezno decided in favor of Stephan. On October 31, 1316 he was first mentioned as a bishop in a document. In 1317 the Margraves Johann and Waldemar von Brandenburg confirmed the possessions of the diocese and placed it under their protection in their territory. In April, Stephan was present at the funeral of Margrave Johann in Spandau .

Stay in Avignon (1320-before 1326)

Since 1320, Stephen has been at the Pope's court in Avignon several times . Maybe he had to leave the diocese after the Ascanians died out and was replaced by Nicholas (?). In any case, he was not mentioned in the diocese until 1325.

In 1320 he gave an indulgence to the Marienkirche in Kamieniec in Podolia on the occasion of its inauguration. In the following year, Stephan appointed the first Catholic bishop for Kiev , Heinrich, under the authority of the Pope. These documents are related to claims that the Diocese of Lebus was originally founded in Red Ruthenia and that it has ecclesiastical jurisdiction rights there.

Destruction of the monastery building in Göritz and stay in Poland (1326–1333)

In 1326 the collegiate church and other buildings of the cathedral monastery in Göritz were destroyed by Brandenburg troops, the bishop allegedly deported to Frankfurt and held prisoner. The exact course of events cannot be clearly clarified. The bishop and the cathedral monastery had apparently supported the raids of the Kingdom of Poland into the Neumark .

On October 17, 1326, Stephen was declared Bishop of Lebus by the Pope in Avignon. It is unclear why it was appointed (again?) At this point in time.

Stephan then went to Poland, where King Władysław in 1328 issued a public letter of protection for all possessions of the Lebus diocese in his country. In 1330, Emperor Ludwig rejected the request to move the Lebus cathedral chapter to Frankfurt. In 1332 Queen Hedwig of Poland also issued a letter of protection for the possessions of the diocese in Poland. In 1333 Stephan was at the coronation of King Casimir in Cracow .

Activity in the Diocese of Lebus (1333–1338)

In 1333 Stephan freed the Brandenburg town of Müncheberg from the interdict due to the destruction of Göritz, in 1234 he declared his willingness to take such a step in an agreement with the city of Frankfurt, in 1236 he freed the old and new towns of Brandenburg from the ecclesiastical ban.

In 1338 he stayed in Frankfurt in the episcopal house, but on December 24th issued another interdict over the city. The reasons for this are unknown.

Stay in Poland (1338-1345)

Then he went back to Poland. In 1339 it was first documented in Breslau and was mentioned once in Warsaw . In 1343 he issued a document representing the absent bishop of Breslau .

He died in Breslau on February 24, 1345. His body was buried in the Breslau Cathedral .


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