Wilhelm I of Lebus

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Wilhelm (also Wilhelm von Neisse , † between 1273 and 1276) was Bishop of Lebus from 1252 to 1273 .


Wilhelm came from a noble Silesian family near the city of Neisse . In 1252 he was mentioned for the first time in a document when he re-agreed the titular rights in the diocese of Lebus with the new sovereign, Archbishop Wilbrand of Magdeburg . The diocese had to forego taxes on part of the crops. The new rule of the Magdeburg archbishopric over the land of Lebus led to great resentment in the Lubusz cathedral chapter , including a new cathedral provost appointed by Magdeburg. The canons left the monastery and stayed in Frankfurt / Oder , Silesia or Greater Poland . Bishop Wilhelm also did not issue a single document in Lebus. He stayed mostly in Breslau , where he appeared several times in documents from the Silesian Duke, as well as in other places in Silesia, including his estate in Rogau near Neisse. Wilhelm took part in several synods of the Polish bishops.

In 1263 he signed a tithe contract with the Ascanian margraves Johann I and Otto III. von Brandenburg , who had been sovereigns in part of the Lubusz region since 1249, and appeared twice as a witness in their documents. In 1267 he held the funeral mass for Margrave Otto III.

In 1270 part of the cathedral chapter tried to move the diocese to Frankfurt, but without result. In 1273 Wilhelm is mentioned for the last time on a document. The more recent research assumes that he is not identical with his eponymous successor Wilhelm II , who was first mentioned in 1276.

Wilhelm von Bredow

In an older German list of the bishops of Lebus, a bishop Wilhelm von Bredow was named for the period from 1223 to 1246. Since the list contradicts the historically handed down documents and certificates in other ways, this information can be assessed as a mere invention.


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