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The professional examination ( BP ) is a first specialization after the EFZ apprenticeship in the Swiss education system , which, like the higher technical examinations and higher technical schools, belongs to the higher , more advanced professional training. The federal certificate is awarded for the passed examination .

Admission requirements / requirements

In Switzerland, anyone who has completed an apprenticeship in the area of ​​the desired examination or who has an equivalent education and two to three years of professional experience in this professional field is admitted to an occupational examination.

Preparation courses / funding

The preparation courses for the professional examination usually last three to four semesters and can be attended part-time. Although preparatory courses are not prescribed in most examination regulations (→ open to self-taught / self-study), they are almost always necessary in practice. For example, a successfully completed police school for prospective police officers is explicitly required .

Since January 2018, graduates of courses preparing for a federal examination have received financial support (previously subsidies were paid to the training providers).

Module exams / module degrees

The examination regulations can prescribe the passing of module examinations or module degrees.

Content and conclusion

Those who pass the examination receive the federal certificate. This testifies that the owner has the necessary skills that are required of a specialist. The newly acquired title combines practical skills with sound theoretical knowledge. The preparation for the exam is not regulated, only the content of the exam.

The examination regulations are drawn up by organizations in the world of work and approved by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology.

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) publishes the federally protected titles, the respective responsible sponsorship, the examination secretariat and the applicable examination regulations.

Training opportunities

After receiving the federal diploma, you can take the higher technical examination (HFP). This concludes with a federal Diploma. For example real estate trustee with a federal diploma HFP.

A bachelor's degree can also be completed at certain schools. Usually, however, an entrance exam is required.

Strengths and weaknesses

  • Professional examinations enable professionals to deepen their subject and specialize after completing their basic vocational training.
  • International recognition. However, with the introduction of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for vocational training, the qualifications are also internationally comparable.
  • Professional experience required (well suited for professionals with several years of professional experience, less suitable for patchwork careers and career changers)


The vocational examination was introduced in 1963 with the revision of the Vocational Training Act. The professional examination had initial difficulties at the beginning, but now there are more successfully passed professional examinations than degrees at universities, technical colleges or higher technical schools.

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