Professional Association of German Dance Teachers

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Professional Association of German Dance Teachers
legal form registered association
founding 5th January 1991

place Erftstadt
president Hardy Hermann
Members 220 dance teachers
Website Professional Association of German Dance Teachers (BDT) e. V.

The professional association of German dance teachers e. V. (BDT) was founded on January 5, 1991 as an alternative to the Allgemeine Deutscher Tanzlehrerverband (ADTV). According to the association, around 150 dance schools and 220 dance teachers from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France belong to the association .


After the Association of German Dance Schools (VDT) was integrated into the ADTV and the Secession of Modern Dance Teachers (SMT) joined the BDT, only the ADTV and the BDT currently exist. The Professional Association of German dance teacher is full-time and part-time in three-year training courses dance teacher for ballroom dancing and supports its members through regular training. In addition to classical ballroom dancing, the BDT also intensively supports and promotes the dance areas of children's dance , video clips, hip-hop , discofox and Latino dances. One-year specialist dance teacher training courses are possible here. In addition, BDT dance schools regularly offer medal exams for dance students, where they can acquire the BDT dance badge in bronze, silver, gold and gold star. In 2010 the sister association German Dance School Owners Association (DTIV) eV was founded. This association takes care of the concerns of the dance school owners from an entrepreneurial point of view. An essential component is a flat-rate contract with Gema .

German amateur tournament office

Over the years, the interest of many members crystallized in the BDT, in addition to the usual offer of basic and medal courses from bronze to gold star and the acquisition of the BDT dance badge, a tournament offer independent of the German Dance Sports Association (DTV) in the field of standard and to create Latin American dances and discofox. The general meeting decided in April 1993 to found the German Amateur Tournament Office (DAT).

The offer includes dance school tournaments , including the German DAT championships and the International Dance Masters in standard and Latin American dances, as well as video clip dancing, hip-hop, salsa and discofox. There are no fixed performance classes and associated promotion and relegation regulations. Only a division into hobby and sports dancers is made. For the evaluation of the sports tournaments, amateur tournament dancers of the S-class of the DTV and dance teachers trained by the BDT are used. At the hobby tournaments, dance teachers who are in vocational training are also used after they have passed the 2nd intermediate examination.

Since 1997 there have also been DAT formation tournaments in standard and Latin American dances, with up to 30 formations starting in the largest competitions.

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