Visitor center

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Arche Nebra visitor center on the Mittelberg near Nebra , where the Nebra sky disk was found

A visitor center is a public facility designed as a point of contact for tourists with a museum character that has a direct connection to a local attraction or the immediate vicinity. Visitor centers are usually directly connected to national parks , archaeological sites , landmarks or the like. In addition to providing information to visitors in the integrated museum and via information material, they serve as a central starting point for hikes or guided tours and thus direct the flow of visitors, with the appropriate infrastructure such as spaciously signposted roads, visitor parking spaces on site and affiliated restaurants .

In contrast to a tourist office , a visitor center combines several tourist purposes in one place and is usually much larger, which is why it is often designed as a tourist attraction itself. There is a smooth transition between the character of a visitor center and that of an open-air museum , especially at archaeological sites.