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An illustrated book is a publication , also possible in digital form , in which images make up a main part of the content.

Photo book in bookshops

In the classic sense, an illustrated book represents a type of book in the book trade and is characterized by a hard cover and usually large-format images that have a documentary character. Texts in picture books introduce the topic, describe individual pictures, but take up less space overall than the pictures. Frequent topics of such illustrated books are travel and geography, works of art, major sporting events (such as the Olympic Games or World Championships) and means of transport (such as trains, cars, ships, etc.), so they are geared towards the interests of potential buyers.

Photo book in librarianship

In the international set of rules for the recording and archiving of publications, the Resource Description and Access , introduced in the library system in the mid-2010s , the term illustrated book is not defined. It is understood there to mean any printed or digital resource in which images make up at least 40% of the content and in which the images are not only used to illustrate the text. Here, the illustrated books also include, for example, picture books for children, comics , cookbooks , travel guides with a high proportion of images and digital sources such as PDF documents and websites . A special form of picture books are art books, which mainly consist of reproductions or illustrations of works by one or more artists. Exhibition and inventory catalogs are also picture books, provided they contain numerous images of the objects shown in the exhibition or in the inventory of an institution.

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