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Bis saeculari is an Apostolic Constitution of September 27, 1948, in which Pope Pius XII. writes about the “Marian Congregation” and demands and promotes spirituality on the basis of Ignatian teaching.

This Apostolic Constitution, on the 200th anniversary of the Papal Bull " Gloriosae Dominae " issued by Benedict XIV , in which he declared that the devotion to Mary is based on the will of God and that the Marian Congregation is a good means to holiness, Pius XII represents. The focus is on spirituality in the sense of the Book of Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and makes the participation of lay people in the Exercises accessible again.

In “Bis saeculari die” Pius XII praises. the sodality , which has achieved much with numerous and great services to the Church. The members of the Marian Congregations, whom he describes as Sodals , are to obey and orientate themselves according to the regulations described. It confirms the spread and defense of the Catholic faith, to which this community has a significant part.

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