Gloriosae Dominae

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Gloriosae Dominae is a papal bull , it was issued on September 27, 1748 by Pope Benedict XIV and is a declaration of devotion to Mary .

Justification for the veneration of Mary

The Pope summarized the reason that the Holy Mother of God, Mary, should always be considered in the role of Christ , the Redeemer ; as she stood at the foot of the cross, be familiar with the pain of a mother and this would complete our salvation.


The bull is a brief statement of almost three pages, the Pope refers to the term " Coredemptrix " and thus underlines the cooperation and compassion for Jesus in the accomplishment of redemption. This means, so on, that Mary's participation “with Jesus” from the Annunciation to her death on the cross includes her role as Coredemptrix and that which is venerated on this feast.

Worship as Mother of God and Queen

Benedict XIV also went into the veneration of Mary and referred to her as the queen of "heaven and earth", as it was later in the encyclical Ad caeli reginam "About the Mother of God as Queen" by Pope Pius XII. was repeated and strengthened.


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