Episcopal honorary titles

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Episcopal honorary titles are analogous to the papal honorary titles awards given by a Roman Catholic bishop .

The title of Spiritual Councilor is very often given to deserving members of the clergy in the respective diocese. The honorary title stems from the fact that the entirety of the councils of a bishop, i.e. the ordinariate and general vicariate councils or cathedral capitulars , are referred to as clerical councils and thus the individual members of the spiritual council themselves can also be called that.

The title of consistorial councilor is given to clerics who, because of their services, belong to the bishop's other advisory body.

An honorary canon (also honorary chapter or canon of honor ) is an honorary member of a cathedral chapter . The appointment is usually made on the basis of special services to the diocese, but other reasons are also possible depending on the statute of the respective chapter. The title is also awarded to members of other dioceses.

Examples of canons of honor are: Edmund Dillinger , Richard Schulte-Staade , Eckehart Wolff .