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Blind Willie Walker (* 1896 in South Carolina , † March 4, 1933 in Greenville , South Carolina) was an early American blues guitarist and singer. Known as an outstanding guitarist by blues musicians like Gary Davis and Pink Anderson , Josh White called him the best guitarist he'd ever heard, "even better than Blind Blake , Blake was fast, but Walker was like Art Tatum ". Walker is assigned to the Piedmont Blues .

The birthplace of Walker, who was blind from birth, is unknown, but he lived most of his life in and around Greenville, South Carolina. He was often accompanied by guitarist Sam Brooks during his performances.

On December 6, 1930, he played in Atlanta for Columbia Records in his only recording session four record sides, Dupree Blues , Rider Blues , South Carolina Rag and Da Da Da . The compositions Make Believe Stunt and Cincinnati Flow Rag , which later u. a. Recorded several times by Gary Davis , are attributed to Walker.

Blind Willie Walker died in 1933 at the age of 37 of syphilis connata , which could also have been the reason for his blindness. On his death certificate the profession "musician" was stated.

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