Blood Ties - bite the blood

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Television series
German title Blood Ties - bite the blood
Original title Blood ties
Blood Ties.jpg
Country of production Canada
original language English
Year (s) 2006-2008
length 50 minutes
Episodes 22 in 2 seasons
genre Crime , mystery , drama
idea Tanya Huff , Peter Mohan
production Marshall Kesten , Paul McConvey
music James Jandrisch
First broadcast March 11, 2007 on Lifetime
first broadcast
March 6, 2008 on ATV
main actor
supporting cast

Blood Ties is a Canadian crime series with mystery and horror elements. From March 2007 to 2008, two seasons were produced for the American cable broadcaster Lifetime Television . The series is based on the " Blood ... " book series by Tanya Huff . It is about a former police officer and now a private detective Vicki Nelson and her ex-partner Mike Celluci. At the beginning of the series, Nelson meets the 500-year-old vampire Henry, who influences her work. Since then, the team of detectives has been hunting supernatural beings such as ghosts.


Former police officer Vicki Nelson lost her job after she was diagnosed with retinopathia pigmentosa , a disease that slowly leads to vision loss. She then withdraws into the private detective business and initially hunts down fraudsters or adulterers. When she comes across Henry, a vampire, the focus of her work changes. Henry Fitzroy is a nearly 500-year-old vampire from the 16th century and meets Vicky for the first time on a criminal hunt together. After Vicki has lost her fear and reservations about Henry, they are now investigating as a team for earthly and supernatural creatures. Her ex-partner Mike Celluci also plays an important role. At first he does not believe in supernatural powers and beings. He says that Vicki lost her mind with her eyesight. The team is completed by Vicki's assistant Coreen.


The series first aired in March 2007 in countries such as the UK, Spain and Canada. It was first broadcast in German on March 6, 2008 on the Austrian broadcaster ATV . In Germany, the broadcast started on October 26, 2008 on RTL II .

In January 2009, the series ran for the first time in Germany in the night from Sunday to Monday on RTL II. After January 25, 2009, the first broadcast was moved from late to night programs due to poor ratings.


main actor

Role name role actor Season Voice actor
Vicki Nelson Private detective, ex-police officer Christina Cox 1-2 Peggy Sander
Mike Celluci Policeman, Vicki's old partner Dylan Neal 1-2 Tobias Kluckert
Henry Fitzroy Vampire, comic artist Kyle Schmid 1-2 Daniel Fehlow
Coreen Fennel Vicki's secretary, student Gina Holden 1-2 Tanya Kahana

Minor characters

Role name role actor Season Voice actor
Kate Lam Policewoman, colleague of Mike Celluci Françoise Yip 1-2 Julia digit
Dr. Rajani Mohadevan Pathologist Nimet Kanji 1-2 Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Dave Graham Cop, Mike's (new) partner Keith Dallas 1-2 Tilo Schmitz
Crowley Mike Celluci's manager Eileen Pedde 1-2 Liane Rudolph
Dr. Betty Sagara Lecturer, expert on occultism Linda Sorenson 1

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