Blues snarfing

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Blues snarfing is a special form of snarfing over a Bluetooth connection, often from cell phones using another cell phone, computer, laptop or PDA . Bluesnarfing allows access to the calendar, address book, e-mails and text messages. It's a bigger problem than bluejacking . Programs like Blooover exploit a security hole without the knowledge of the user. Any device that has switched on the Bluetooth connection and is set to "visible to others" can be attacked. If the visibility function is switched off, the device concerned is before blues snarfingsomewhat better protected, but only deactivating the Bluetooth function guarantees security. Blues snarfing is invasive and illegal in many countries.

The possibility of "blues snarfing" was discovered in November 2003 by Adam Laurie of AL Digital , an English security company. It is based on an error in the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol from Bluetooth.

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