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Pod slurping (German about (i) Pod slurping ) refers to the theft of data using a mobile mass storage device such as a USB stick , MP3 player or an iPod . The perpetrator installs special software on the storage medium, which is started automatically after connection to a PC and searches for interesting data on the hard drive, for example passwords or other security-relevant information. These are then copied to the stick and can later be evaluated by the attacker. Since a USB stick is very small, you can carry it with you inconspicuously and plug it in somewhere.

This possibility of accessing third-party data can be prevented by restricting or deactivating the USB functionality of the computer. There are already security products from various vendors that shield the computer's operating system from USB storage media or deactivate the USB port entirely.

The integration of USB devices can easily be prevented under Unix -based operating systems, and Microsoft has also published instructions for preventing pod slurping.

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