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This Siemens M75 bluejacket the Sony Ericsson K600i (lower picture)

Bluejacking refers to the sending of unsolicited messages via Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices, e.g. B. cell phones , PDAs or laptops . A so-called vCard , which normally contains a message in the name field (e.g. for Bluedating or Bluechat ), is sent to another Bluetooth-enabled device via the OBEX protocol.

Bluetooth has a very limited range, typically up to 10 meters for cell phones, but laptops can have a range of up to 100 meters with powerful Class 1 transmitters.

Origin of bluejacking

Bluejacking was first carried out by a Malaysian IT consultant who used his mobile phone to promote Sony Ericsson . He even invented the name, a mixture of the words bluetooth and ajack , his username at Esato , an online forum of Sony Ericsson fans.

The term could also consist of Bluetooth and hijacking .

This Sony Ericsson K600i is blued by the Siemens M75 (pictured above).


Bluejacking is usually harmless, but since people who become bluejacked generally do not know what happened, they may think that their mobile device is malfunctioning. Normally a "bluejacker" will only send a text message, but with current cell phones it is also possible to send pictures and audio data. Bluejacking was in guerrilla marketing - campaigns utilized for Advertgames to advertise. In the meantime, there are advertising spaces with built-in computers in frequently visited places that send advertising images to smartphones within range with activated Bluetooth without being asked. As the availability of Bluetooth enabled devices increased, they also became vulnerable to virus attacks and even complete takeovers by Trojan horses .

Bluejacking is often confused with bluesnarfing , which is the illegal hacking of mobile devices via Bluetooth.


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