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Trunk : Cnidarians (Cnidaria)
Class : Hydrozoa (Hydrozoa)
Subclass : Hydroidolina
Order : Anthoathecata
Subordination : Capitata
Family : Boreohydridae
Scientific name
Westblad , 1947

The Boreohydridae are a family of hydrozoa (Hydrozoa) from the tribe of the cnidarians (Cnidaria) that live exclusively in the sea . It is a small family of two species , each in monotypical genera , whose occurrence is limited to the eastern North Atlantic and its tributaries and the Arctic Ocean.


The two species in this family do not develop a free medusa stage , only polyps . The hydrants are relatively small and solitary. They only have a wreath of reduced tentacles that sits around the mouth or in the middle part of the body. The tentacles may or may not be capitat. The perisarc is reduced or completely absent. The gonophores are tight sacs of spores.

Geographical occurrence

The two species of the two monotypical genera of the family were found in the northern North Atlantic (Norway) and the Arctic Ocean (White Sea) as well as in the western Baltic Sea , the North Sea and the western Mediterranean .


The family currently includes only two monotypical genera:



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Individual evidence

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