Borgarfjörður (western Icelandic fjord)

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The inner fjord northeast of Borgarnes

The inner fjord northeast of Borgarnes

Waters Faxaflói
Land mass Iceland
Geographical location 64 ° 35 ′  N , 21 ° 47 ′  W Coordinates: 64 ° 35 ′  N , 21 ° 47 ′  W
Borgarfjörður (Iceland)
width 7 km
depth 24 km
Tributaries Hvítá

The Borgarfjörður is a fjord in the west of Iceland .

The fjord has always been a dreaded body of water because of its currents and shallows, in which there are numerous, mostly uninhabited archipelago islands . At Borgarnes , the Hringvegur runs R1 over a 520 m long bridge that spans the narrow end of the fjord.

The land at Borgarfjörður has been settled since the land was conquered. This also explains why the plot of numerous sagas , such as B. Egill Skallagrímsson , created in this area.

The origin of the name is also explained in the latter saga: According to this, the land around the fjord was settled by the people of Skallagrímur, Egill's father. He founded his first homestead not far from Borgarnes and named it Borg . The fjord is said to be named after it. There is still a church and a small parish and farm in Borg á Mýrum (see Borgarbyggð ). An abstract sculpture by the Icelandic sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson displayed there represents a scene from the saga.

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