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Different stages of Bosmina longirostris

Different stages of Bosmina longirostris

Sub-stem : Crustaceans (Crustacea)
Class : Gill pods (Branchiopoda)
Order : Clawed Tails (Onychura)
Subordination : Anomopoda
Family : Bosminidae
Genre : Bosmina
Scientific name
Baird , 1845

Bosmina is a genus in the order Onychura, the clawed tail. Its members can be distinguished from those of Bosminopsis (the only other genus in the Bosminidae family) by the separation of the antennae; In Bosminopsis , the antennae are fused at their bases.

Bosmina are filter feeders that consume algae and protozoa with a length of about 1–3 μm. It is known that Bosmina has a double feeding mechanism. You can filter the water with your second and third leg and the first leg will reach for the particles. The second and third legs have small setuli that are attached to the seta to create a net-like structure for filtering.

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