Bosmina longirostris

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Bosmina longirostris
Class : Gill pods (Branchiopoda)
Order : Clawed Tails (Onychura)
Subordination : Anomopoda
Family : Bosminidae
Genre : Bosmina
Type : Bosmina longirostris
Scientific name
Bosmina longirostris
( OV Müller , 1776)

Bosmina longirostris is a type of crustacean in the genus Bosmina . It is often found in ponds , in lakes it occurs near the shore as well as in the pelagic and in the depths.


The Furca claws are located on a short extension of the back of the body. The extension has a number of slender spines, as does the base of the end claws. The body is compressed laterally and has a hump. The head is rounded. The rostrum is rounded. The lower, rear corner of the shell merges into a tip of different lengths, in front of which there is a bristle. The feeler of the first antenna is far away from the tip and is located under a triangular label. The "trunk" (the first antenna) looks as if it were articulated due to numerous transverse rings formed from small spines. Females reach a size of 250 to 700 micrometers.

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