Brentano School

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The Brentano School refers to some famous philosophers and psychologists who studied under Franz Brentano and who were significantly influenced by his theories. His students Alexius Meinong and Edmund Husserl (for example) expanded Brentano's original teachings and contributed to the development of psychology and epistemology.

The following philosophers and psychologists are considered Brentano students (in brackets where and when they heard from Brentano):

The Brentano students were the founders of new schools and currents:

Bertrand Russell , Roderick Chisholm , George Edward Moore , Gilbert Ryle and John Searle , among others , also contributed to the influence of Brentano on analytic philosophy through their studies, editions and publications.

With the works and teachings of his students, Franz Brentano's philosophy has spread throughout the world and indirectly influenced many discussions and investigations in contemporary philosophy , cognitive science and philosophy of mind .