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Brodmann areas ( BA ) are the cerebral cortex fields of humans that are divided into fields according to cyto- and myeloarchitectonics.

The division of the Brodmann areas goes back to the German neuroanatomist and psychiatrist Korbinian Brodmann , who originally divided the cerebral cortex into 52 fields. In the meantime, however, the numbering has been further subdivided, so that, for example, Brodmann areas 23a and 23b respectively exist.

Areas that can be assigned to specific functions

Lateral view of the left cerebral hemisphere:
numbered according to Korbinian Brodmann
Medial view of the right cerebral hemisphere:
numbered after Korbinian Brodmann.
Area Functional assignment
Somatosensory cortex
4th Primary motor cortex
5 Posterior parietal cortex
6th Premotor cortex and supplementary motor cortex
7th Posterior parietal cortex
8th Frontal eye field
17th Primary visual cortex
Secondary and tertiary visual cortex
22nd Wernicke area (sensory language region)
23 Part of the posterior cingular cortex
24 Part of the anterior cingular cortex
25th Subgenual cortex
Entorhinal cortex (including olfactory sense )
37 Fusiform gyrus
Transition region
between secondary sensory projection centers and the tertiary association area ( gyrus angularis and gyrus supramarginalis )
41 primary auditory cortex
[the primary auditory cortex (Brodmann area 41) is not visible from the "outside" in situ, but is de facto located on the transverse temporal gyri
(also: Heschl transverse windings), which are part of the temporal lobe within the sulcus lateralis]
42 secondary auditory cortex
43 Subcentral area
Broca area (motor language region)
46 dorsolateral prefrontal cortex


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