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The Bruno Snell Prize is a science award from the Mommsen Society . It was established in 1989 in the memory of the founder and honorary member of the society, Bruno Snell . Since then, the prize, endowed with 3000 euros, has been awarded every two years at the suggestion of the members for outstanding work by young researchers in the field of Greco-Roman antiquity .

Award winners

  • 1991: Lutz Käppel : The Theater of Epidauros. The basic mathematical idea of ​​the overall design and its possible meaning , 1989
  • 1993: Ingeborg Kader : Archaeological observations on the Roman expansion in the Middle East during the early imperial period
  • 1995: Jens Holzhausen : The Myth of Man in Hellenistic Egypt. A study on "Poimandres" (= CH I), on Valentin and the Gnostic myth , Bodenheim 1993.
  • 1997: Farouk Grewing : Martial, Book VI. A commentary , Göttingen 1997.
  • 1999: Susanne Muth : Experiencing space - living in space. On the function of mythological mosaic pictures in Roman imperial residential architecture , 1997
  • 2001: Anne Friedrich : The Symposium of the XII Sapientes: Commentary and Constitutional Issues , Berlin / New York 2002.
  • 2003: Gunnar Soul Day : Traian's Deeds and Virtues. Representation of power in the Principate , Stuttgart 2004.
  • 2005: Johanna Fabricius : Soma / corpus. Body image and body concepts in Greek and Roman culture , Göttingen 2003.
  • 2007: Christian Tornau : Between rhetoric and philosophy. Augustin's argumentation technique in De civitate Dei and its educational history background, Berlin / New York 2006 (UaLG 82)
  • 2009: Andreas Hartmann : Between relic and relic. Object-related memory practices in ancient societies
  • 2011: Dennis Pausch : Livius and the reader. Narrative structures and literary techniques in Livian history
  • 2013: Johannes Wienand : The Emperor as the winner. Metamorphoses of triumphant rule under Constantine I.
  • 2015: Raphael Schwitter : Umbrosa lux. Obscuritas in the Latin Epistolography of Late Antiquity
  • 2017: Hans Kopp : Thucydides and the mastery of the sea. A historiographical motif and its importance in the 5th century BC Chr.
  • 2019:  Claas Lattmann : From triangles to pyramids. Mathematical modeling in Plato between Thales and Euclid

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