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Bullet Chess is a game form of chess with less than three minutes thinking time per player and game, usually played one minute per player and game. It is an intensified form of blitz chess , which is particularly popular on chess servers . "Bullet" means "bullet" in English. An alternative name for bullet chess is lightning chess (“lightning” means “lightning”).

With the extremely short thinking time, the focus is on the ability to use the computer mouse , the quick capture of tactical motifs and the king's security. A careful calculation of variants or positional play, on the other hand, are mostly neglected, which is why bullet chess is often unpopular with conventional chess players. But there are also players who prefer this short cooling-off period when playing on chess servers, as it is more difficult for the opponent to consult chess programs or other aids and thereby gain advantages.

Due to the possibility of premove , an answer move anticipated by a mouse command , it is possible to play long games despite the short thinking time. A game is known on the Free Internet Chess Server between a human player and the computer program account Wronskian, which ended in a draw by repetition of positions after 206 moves .

One of the most famous German players was the four-time unofficial world champion in this discipline, GM Roland Schmaltz . Another bullet expert is Hikaru Nakamura , who also wrote a book about it.


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