Federal Building Baden-Württemberg

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State Office for Federal
Construction Baden-Württemberg - BBBW -

Logo Landesbetrieb Bundesbau Baden-Württemberg.png
State level technical federal authority
position official state authority
legal form State operation according to LHO
Supervisory authority Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs
founding 2004
Headquarters Freiburg , Baden-Wuerttemberg
Authority management Klaus Max Rippel, CFO
Servants about 700
Web presence http://www.bundesbau-bw.de

The Landesbetrieb Bundesbau Baden-Württemberg (BBBW), as a so-called " borrowed body ", carries out the (structural) construction tasks of the Federal Republic of Germany within Baden-Württemberg and in some other places around the world. The management in Freiburg is a department of the regional finance directorate Karlsruhe (OFD KA) and together with six state building construction offices (FR, KA, HD, SHA, S, UL) forms the state operations . In 2019 the BBBW employs around 700 people. The task volume is around 4 billion euros, the construction turnover in 2018 excluding fee components (KG 710-740 DIN 276) was 278.3 million euros. For 2019, construction expenditures of around 306 million euros are expected.

Range of tasks in Baden-Württemberg

All buildings that serve federal authorities or whose construction is in the interest of the federal government.

Tasks outside of Baden-Württemberg

In the federal territory

As an advisory competence center (civil) or control center (military): Various specialist areas, such as B. the sanitary infrastructure management of the Bundeswehr (advice to the Bundeswehr hospitals and sanitary facilities), conformity check in the sustainability system of the federal BNB for laboratory buildings, property water supply and much more.

Discharge for the BBR ; Responsibility for certain objects until further notice

In Berlin

Construction supervision and development of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment ( BfR ) and the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety ( BVL ) in Marienfelde

Client services for the new Museum of the 20th Century ( NG20 ), architects Herzog & de Meuron

In about 20 countries

Renovations and new buildings for German embassies and schools

Individual evidence

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