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The Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt eV (BDB), based in Duisburg and with a political representation in Berlin, is an industry association for the German inland shipping industry , both in freight shipping and in passenger shipping .

The BDB was founded in 1974 as a merger of several river basin associations . The Association are the inland waterway shipping companies and - forwarding services including connected there barge , the inland navigation cooperatives united and unorganized barge. Membership is voluntary. Companies that are closely related to the inland shipping industry, such as port operators, insurance companies, engine manufacturers and loan financiers, are also members.


The purpose is to advise entrepreneurs in the freight and passenger shipping sector on all issues affecting the trade, to represent interests vis-à-vis politics and administration and to comment on all developments relevant to transport and commercial policy . The BDB advocates an expansion of the waterway infrastructure that is economically necessary from its point of view and needs-based , which at the same time takes ecological concerns into account. It ensures that the performance potential of inland shipping as a mode of transport is anchored in the consciousness of political decision-makers on the one hand and among freight forwarders and the shipping industry on the other, and that inland shipping is more closely integrated into the logistical chains than before .

In addition, the association is involved in shaping the economic framework conditions of the inland shipping industry, be it in questions of nautical technology, in questions of security and terrorism requirements, in questions of environmental protection or in questions of equalizing the conditions of competition with and against foreign competition the competing modes of transport.

Recognizing that the course in transport policy - for example within the framework of the NAIADES action plan for inland waterway transport - is increasingly taking place at the European level, the association founded the European Inland Waterway Union (EBU) as early as 2001 with numerous other international inland waterway associations . The association also contributes its expertise to various expert bodies at the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine in Strasbourg and the European Union . The association is also a member of various other international organizations, e.g. B. in the IVR or the VBW.

The annual report is presented to the general meeting every year. The data and facts leaflet, published annually, summarizes inland navigation statistics. The Binnenschifffahrt Report magazine, which is distributed free of charge, provides information on the association's activities and reports on issues relating to transport and trade policy. In addition to the publications mentioned, the website also provides up-to-date information, e.g. B. press releases can be accessed. A database attached there, in which cargo and relation can be selected, is intended to make it easier for shippers to find suitable business partners in inland shipping.


The association is a member of the ShortSeaShipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center .

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