Feldsberg castle ruins

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Feldsberg castle ruins
Feldsberg ruins

Feldsberg ruins

Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: Ruin, badly dilapidated
Standing position : Ministeriale
Place: Lurnfeld
Geographical location 46 ° 50 '28 "  N , 13 ° 23' 42"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 50 '28 "  N , 13 ° 23' 42"  E
Feldsberg castle ruins (Carinthia)
Feldsberg castle ruins

The Feldsberg castle ruins are located west of Pusarnitz ( Lurnfeld municipality ) near Spittal an der Drau on a wooded hilltop.


The simple Romanesque complex has already fallen into disrepair. Feldsberg has an irregular quadrangular floor plan , following the shape of the hill plateau. There are only small remains of a tower in the form of a cone of rubble. On the north and west side there are still up to 8 m high wall sections with herringbone masonry ( opus spicatum ). Access was via the south-east side. A circular hollow in the north angle indicates a buried cistern .


The predecessor building of Feldsberg Castle was the Hohenburg castle ruins above Feldsberg.

The first documentary mention was made in 1189 by Hainricus de Veldisberc , a Salzburg ministerial . Feldsberg Castle was a bone of contention in disputes between the Counts of Gorizia and the Archdiocese of Salzburg . In 1460 the negotiations for the Peace of Pusarnitz were partly held here .

The castle is believed to have been in decline since the end of the 16th century after the jurisdiction was transferred from Feldsberg to Sachsenburg . The last caretaker is documented for the year 1586, in 1658 the building was described as ruinous.

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