Stremmewiese castle wall

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Stremmewiese castle wall
The ramparts from the southwest

The ramparts from the southwest

Castle type : Niederungsburg, swamp castle
Conservation status: Burgstall
Construction: Timber construction
Place: City of Rathenow
Geographical location 52 ° 37 '9.8 "  N , 12 ° 19' 14.9"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 37 '9.8 "  N , 12 ° 19' 14.9"  E
Stremmewiese castle wall (Brandenburg)
Stremmewiese castle wall

The Stremmewiese castle wall is the stables of a Slavic castle wall north of the town of Rathenow in the west of Brandenburg . The Niederungsburg , more precisely swamp castle , on the island Stremmewiese is designated under the number 50157 as "Settlement Slavic Middle Ages, Burgwall Slavic Middle Ages" as a ground monument .


The Slavic rampart Stremmewiese is one of four documented structures in the town of Rathenow. Another castle, which after the development of the area was only known from archaeological documentation, but is no longer recognizable in the area, was located in the extreme southeast of the island of Stremmewiese, only about 700 meters away.

The ring wall is located in the marshy , partially drained bank area of ​​the Havel between the main arm and an oxbow lake about 1 kilometer northwest of Rathenow's old town. The complex is said to have been described for the first time as a Slavic ring wall in 1929. It should not have been an early Slavic castle. It is clearly structured around 110 by 130 meters and has the shape of a pronounced rounded triangle. An inner and an outer moat can be seen. South of the ring wall was the outer bailey settlement , which was again secured to the south by a rampart and section trench or section trench wall. Settlement and building structures from this area were documented. A gate may have been in the area of ​​the outer bailey. The castle wall is said to have been flooded with dredging sand around 1920 . For this reason, the structures are only indistinctly recognizable when inspected. However, clearly, the castle stands in the aerial view from

Individual evidence

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