Buryat language

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Spoken in

Russia , Mongolia
speaker 300,000
Official status
Official language in Buryatia Buryatia
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2


ISO 639-3

bua (macro language
code ) bxu (Chinese Buryat)
bxm (Mongolian Buryat)
bxr (Russian Buryat)

The Buryat language belongs to the eastern (language) group of the Mongolian languages .

It is one of the agglutinating languages , which form the word forms using independent syllables at the root word . It is spoken by 300,000 people, including especially Buryats in the Autonomous Republic of Buryatia in southern Siberia .

The language is also spoken by the Buryats in two neighboring regions of Buryatia, the Agin Buryat Autonomous Okrug in Transbaikalia and the Ust-Ordynsk Buryat Autonomous Okrug west of Lake Baikal .


The Buryat language uses the Cyrillic alphabet

Cyrillic Transliteration ISO 9
А а A a
Б б B b
В в * V v
Г г G g
Д д D d
Е е E e
Ё ё Ë ë
Ж ж Ž ž
З з Z z
И и I i
Й й J j
К к * K k
Л л L l
М м M m
Н н N n
О о O o
Ө ө Ô ô
П п P p
Р р R r
С с S s
Т т T t
У у U u
Ү ү Ù ù
Ф ф * F f
Х х H h
Ц ц * C c
Ч ч * Č č
Ш ш Š š
Щ щ Ŝ ŝ
Ъ ъ ""
Ы ы Y y
Ь ь ''
Э э È è
Ю ю Û û
Я я Â â
Һ һ Ḥ ḥ

The letters marked with * usually appear only in younger foreign words of Russian origin.

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