Subacromial bursa

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The subacromial bursa is a bursa located between the shoulder joint and the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle is located.

Bursa subacromialis (1) below the acromion .


Narrowing of the subacromial space with elevated shoulder, here with rotator cuff rupture

The subacromial bursa acts as a "shifting layer" between the supraspinatus muscle (which is an important part of the rotator cuff ) and the underside of the collarbone and acromion .


In the course of degenerative changes in the supraspinatus tendon, inflammatory changes in the subacromial bursa usually occur in the sense of ( aseptic ) subacromial bursitis . The sliding layer sticks together and no longer fulfills its function. As a result, this sliding layer becomes narrower, while the supraspinatus muscle becomes thinner. The result is a “shoulder elevation”, ie a narrowing of the subacromial space . As the disease progresses, the supraspinatus muscle tears ( rotator cuff rupture ) and can no longer perform its function of abduction in the shoulder joint . For those affected, this condition manifests itself in the form of chronic pain up to the image of the frozen shoulder , ie a painful inability to move the entire shoulder joint.


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