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Georg Dietmar Kreß (born January 3, 1965 in Neustadt an der Aisch ) is a German teacher and children's book author .


Georg Kreß spent his childhood and youth in Fürstenforst in the Burghaslach community . He has two sisters and a brother. After graduating from high school in Franconia, he moved to the town of Scheinfeld . He completed his civil service and the German, English and sports studies in Würzburg . During his studies Georg Kreß developed his passion as a guitarist and singer. For 25 years he was in various rock, pop and hip-hop groups on German stages.

In 2006 Georg Kreß decided to study teaching at the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Education . His profound short stories were created during his studies. After the state examination in 2009, Georg Kreß wrote his first novel on behalf of Schleich GmbH. In 2011 his short story "Saugnäpfe" appeared in the German didactics magazine "Deutsch" published by Friedrich Verlag. His first novel was published in March 2011. His second novel followed in 2013. Both novels had a circulation of 30,000 books.

Georg Kreß works as a teacher in Heidenheim an der Brenz . He lives in Großkuchen with his wife and their three sons .


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